Genome Mate Pro maintains a database that stores information on Relatives and their associated autosomal DNA data.  Relative information and DNA segment data are imported from downloads provided by the various the DNA testing companies.  Once loaded, comparison of this data can be used to identify shared ancestors that may help to build or extend a family tree.


One key feature is the ability to house data for multiple profiles from multiple DNA testing companies.   DNA segments can be grouped and used to map inherited segments from ancestors to their respective chromosomes.  Analysis tools include the ability to compare surnames and ancestors as well as to make comparisons between DNA segments. 


Knowledge of autosomal research techniques is recommended.


GMP is available for the Windows, Mac and Linux desktop platforms.

GMP Features

  • One Database to house data for multiple DNA tests

  • Chromosome Mapping of Common Ancestors

  • Triangulation and ICW Grouping

  • Import Ancestors for each Profile from Gedcom

  • Show Ancestors on X-Inheritance Path

Review by Journal of Genetic Genealogy

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