Developer Comments


In 2013, I took my first autosomal DNA test and quickly discovered the nightmare of tracking information so I put together the original Genome Mate.  


A couple of years later Microsoft announced the discontinuance of Silverlight so it was necessary to redeveloped the application but this time with a far greater knowledge of the subject matter.  Genome Mate Pro is the result.

GMP is complicated as it assumes prior knowledge of autosomal DNA research techniques.  To get a better understanding of the app, watch the videos, read the User Guide and join the Facebook User's Group.

Development Platform

Genome Mate Pro uses the XOJO development platform.  For information on what desktop computer operating systems are supported please see XOJO System Requirements.


Data is stored locally in an encrypted SQLite database, not in the cloud or on a server for privacy considerations.


Becky Mason Walker


Spent 20+ years in the telecommunications industry as a software designer, developer and project manager before taking an early retirement.

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