Genealogical DNA Analysis Tool (GDAT) is an app that utilizes autosomal DNA to aid in the research of family trees.  The app houses a database of the autosomal data downloaded from various testing companies and provides analysis tools for family history research.

To fully utilized this app, the user should have a basic understanding autosomal research techniques and terminology.  

Note that data is stored locally on the user's computer as a standalone database so access to the GDAT database as well as what data is loaded, rests completely with the user.


GDAT is available for the Windows, Mac and Linux desktop platforms.

GDAT Features

  • One Database to house data for multiple DNA tests

  • Chromosome Mapping of Common Ancestors

  • Triangulation and ICW Grouping

  • Mark Most Recent Common Ancestors

  • Show Ancestors on X-Inheritance Path

  • Analysis Routines to aid in Family Tree research

Note that GDAT is a replacement for Genome Mate Pro (GMP)