• Becky Walker

2017 Releases

Welcome to the new GMP website! One of the advantages of this site is that I will be able to notify project donors when a new release is available. 2017 has been a good year for development. In addition to implementing many user requested changes, there is the addition of the Relative List page and the Ahnentafel. When I first started, I focused on the Chromosome Browser for my research. However, the Relative List page has become my new focus as it displays relatives by total cMs. I like to work from more closely related relatives down the list. It makes it easier to identify those more remote ancestors if a segment has been narrowed down to a particular branch of the family tree. For quite a while, I have wanted to add more meaningful ancestor data to the relative page but struggled with how to organize it. Then one day, I was viewing DNArboretum ahnentafel data and realized that it was an ideal way to present the data in a table. I hope you are enjoying these two changes as much as I. Good luck in your research! Becky


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