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  • Becky Walker

GMP Release 2018r01

See the download section to get the new release.

This release will load the DNAGedcom FTDNA family trees into the Ahnentafel BUT due to a flaw in the output file where siblings are included in the some of the trees, GMP has no way to determine which are ancestors and which are siblings of ancestors. In this case, only the relative is added and I suggest that you use the Chrome extension DNArboretum to load their tree.

Enhancement List

  • Revamp of the Ancestors page to permit additions or changes to Ancestor information without the need to load/reload a gedcom.

  • Improved surname search

  • Added Advanced Search on Relative List page

  • Added import of FTDNA tree file from DNAGedcom client to Options -> Database Routines

  • Added MRCA note to the Relative Export on the Options page

  • Added .csv export to displayed app tables (right click option)

  • Removed Old 23andMe support but legacy templates available in "Show Advanced Options"

  • Added Copy/Paste Pedigree Thief to Ahnentafel right click options

  • Added import list on Profile page to display import template name and date loaded on selected profile

  • False Positives are now Profile specific, reload tables in Options

  • Fixed an issue with the Segment Map redrawing multiple times

  • Added Database Routine in Options to replace text in MRCA and Research Notes fields

  • Modified Database Routine to also delete relatives by Source and Profile. It's a bit tricky as the relative data may be associated with other sources so in that case the relationship will remain intact.

  • Added a mouse over event to display profile name on Relative DNA Comparison page

  • Added logic to reduce the database size after the database delete routines on the Options page

  • Added right click option on the Relative List to remove Relatives with total cms < the import minimum on the Options page

  • Fixed an issue with "Delete Relatives without Chromosome Data" on the Relative List page

  • Added right click option to Relative list to remove Ahnentafels for displayed relatives

  • 23andMe profile links should now automatically update when importing new 23andMe aggregate data

  • Modified the right click option on the Chromosome Browser to both Hide and Unhide segments

  • Upgraded to latest XOJO version 2017r2.1

  • Fixed issue with selection of basic import templates

  • Corrected help text on one of the Database Routines

  • Modified DNAGedcom new 23andMe template to accept comparison page and removed haplogroups since they are always false. Run import to reset values.

  • Fixed issue with crash caused by importing a template

  • Added right click option to Relative List to merge relatives on the displayed list with the same name

  • Corrected DNAGedcom client instructions to use Gather ICW Overlapped for DNA segments from 23andMe

  • Added count of records added to database on Profile Import List

  • Added completion popup to defrag routine

  • Changed the Relative List right click option "Delete Relatives without Chromosome Data" to remove those without data and to dissociate the Relative with the Profile if that profile has no data but there is data for other Profiles.

  • Add Option to pause import after so many minutes. Set this in Options. Enter zero to not pause during import.

  • Added right click option on the Relative's ahnentafel to lock it from being replaced by subsequent imports.

  • Added the ability to extend a Relative's ahnentafel using Pedigree Thief