• Becky Walker

GMP Release 2018r02.3

GMP Release 2018r02 has been posted to the download section of https://www.getgmp.com/

The main changes to this release are the revamp of the Segment Page and the addition of MyHeritage as a source for DNA segments. Note that import templates for MyHeritage will need to be constructed by the user as they are not supported by the app.

  • Added optional to instructions from some Gedmatch imports

  • Restricted ancestor list and ahnentafel to 15 generations

  • Revamp of Segment Map page

  • Added Database Cleanup routine to remove Relatives without an associated profile.

  • Added right click option on Relative page to Show Profiles ICW

  • Added right click option on Ahnentafal to show names ICW profile Ancestors

  • Added right click option on Relative page to set side and group for displayed segments box

  • Added MyHeritage as source and provider of data

  • Fixed issue with conversion to new Ancestor data

  • Added Ahnentafel to Advanced Search

  • Updated DNAGedcom FTDNA instructions

  • Added multi-select for delete of Profile Import List items

  • Resolved my issue with the Windows signing tool

Bug fix 2018r02.1

  • Fixed issue with Segment page close button

Bug fix 2018r02.2

  • Fixed issue some users having with ancestor conversion to ahnentafel

Bug fix 2018r02.3

  • Fixed issue with display of old CoA segments on Chromosome Browser

  • Fixed issue with gedcom loads locking up app


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