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  • Becky Walker

GMP Release 2018r03

Included in this Release is the ability to add data from other testing companies such as My Heritage with user created data import templates.

Before upgrading to GMP Release 2018r03, create a backup of your data (File -> Backup) and watch the video at as there are significant changes to the profile and data import sections of the app as well as minor changes to other pages to support this change.


  • Added .csv and ahnentafel to GedMatch data import template choices

  • Fixed issue with other link on Relatives not populating database

  • Changed reset options criteria

  • Removed shared cms from FTDNA data import template


  • Revamped create import templates window to hopefully help with Mac issues

  • Fixed issue with 23andMe DNA Relatives Compare Import template


  • Fixed issue of not being able to delete a profile key

  • Fixed issue of not being able to do a multiple mark selection on the Relative DNA Comparison page.

  • Fixed issue where triangulation data from FTDNA was not loading. If you are using DNAGedcom files, remove the FTDNA name from the Profiles and just use the DNAGedcom kit # as a key.

  • Changed right click option on Relative DNA page to show only right click option Show Ancestry ICW when no DNA segments are selected.

  • Fixed issue with Segment Detail Window not saving Notes data


  • Fixed issue where template descriptions differing in capital & lower case characters but same letters caused a crash


  • Fixed issue with profile names not appearing in {dna segments} on the form letter

  • Changed the import process to remove all double spaces before processing

  • Upgraded to Xojo 2018r2

  • Modified the Relative List merge function to improve performance and ask if email addresses do not match


  • Fixed issue of not being able to delete side value on Relative List

  • Fixed issue on Relative page not going to correct CB setting when double clicking on a dna segment

  • Add ability to copy on Relative page for Ancestry ICW list