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GMP Release 2019r01

Below are listed changes to GMP. Included are data import templates for MyHeritage and Gedmatch's Genesis. For Genesis, select the templates that match your subscription status as the format varies based on being a Tier 1 subscriber or not. As always, backup before installing the new version. Main Feature Changes

  • Modified the merge function to hopefully make it more user friendly. Changed right click merge options on chromosome browser and relative list to 3 choices - Merge Relatives with Identical Names, Merge Relatives with Identical Emails and Merge Selected Relatives. Each of these will open the Merge page for verification prior to merge.

  • Removed auto-merge functions from Relative page and replaced with Database Cleanup routine in Options (use with caution)

  • Added database routine to systematically assign group names to unknown DNA segments when they triangulate with a known match. This is processed by generation so older generations will overlay more recent ones. Use with caution!

  • Upgraded to Xojo Release 2018r4 (see http://developer.xojo.com/system-requirements for system requirements)

  • Added date to the suggested filename when creating a new database to avoid over writing an existing file

Relative List

  • Add group drop down selection the relative list page.

  • Added All Sources option to Relative List

  • Turned the scrolling option off the selection buttons on the Relative List page

  • Ancestry ICWs and ICW Profile are now sticky between relatives

  • Added a right click option on the Relative List to defrag the database

  • Added ability to bold an entry in the Relative's Ahnentafel list

  • Added Surnames ICW Relatives to Relative List

  • Added Ancestry Relatives ICW to Relative List

  • Added message showing profiles associated with selected relative

  • Removed the Delete All Displayed Relatives from the Relative List (use Delete Selected Relatives instead)

  • Added right click option to "Show segments Relatives Unique to this Profile"

Relative Detail Page

  • Added option to set Profile specific MRCA Notes

  • Changed the status date display to YYYY/MM/DD on the Relative Detail page

  • Added option to update Relative list values when Ahnentafel imported

  • Added Advanced Search option for Ahnentafel locations

  • Added relative contact as an import field

  • Changed the search box to remove CRLF from the data prior to search

  • Added Show Common Surnames to Relative page when Ancestry ICW is selected

  • Color coded Ahnentafel list blue/red for paternal/maternal ancestors

  • Added Pedigree Chart to Ahnentafel page

  • Added the name to the Save Current Record dialog when Relative record is changed. It will now appear when changing tabs.

Chromosome Browser

  • Fixed Chromosome page scrolling so selected relative appears near the top when returning to page

  • Added right click option to "Show segments with Relatives Unique to this Profile"

  • Modified the Chromosome Browser options - removed hide snps & length

  • Added option to display chromosome map by generation

Options Page

  • Fixed issue with form letter DNA segment title not appearing at the top

  • Added {dna segments by chr} to options for the form letter

  • Revised Database Cleanup page to make room for more cleanup routines

  • Added a Database Routine to lock all existing Ahnentafels

  • Added database routine to remove triangulations below minimum cMs

  • Added database routine to delete Triangulation data below minimum cMs

  • Added database routine to reset DNA segments to current relative name

Segment Map

  • Added a tool tip on the Segment Map to display the source box data

  • Added a right click option to "Mark Side of Shown Relatives" to the side of the selected entry.

  • Now displays relative when Ancestry ICW is selected on Relative List page

  • Added option to Delete Selected Relatives on Relative List to remove only those that are associated with only the current profile

Import Changes

  • Added inquiry on import when Skip New Relatives is selected in options

  • Fixed import issue where key value was different between relative and segment imports

  • Fixed issue with imports not skipping title line

  • Fixed issue where Activate Data Templates was not setting "Has Header Row"

  • Added right click option to Import Data Template list to remove multiple selections

  • Removed the double click option from the Data Import Template list as there is a current Xojo issue causing the buttons to not work. Use the right click option "Edit Selected Template" in its place.

  • Added the MyHeritage data import templates for Pedigree Thief

  • Added GedMatch Genesis data import templates

  • Added the ability to read the profile key for Relative record imports

  • Added DNAGedcom templates for MyHeritage

  • Changed the encoding for text files to UTF-8


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