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  • Becky Walker

GMP Release 2019r02

Release Notes

  • Fixed an issue where side values on the Relative List were being reset to ? on data imports

  • Added data import template for the MyHeritage email of download file. GMP strips off the profile id from the front of the key value. This only imports Relative records as there is not a unique key in the chromosome browser data yet.

  • Reworked how the profile specific MRCA note is updated. Added a check mark to the Relative List to indicate that it is profile specific.

  • Fixed issue with imported templates causing the display of multiple sources and providers

  • Added status information back into the Chromosome Browser

  • Added the option to attach GedMatch # to Relative name when importing Relative records

  • Fixed issue with changes to the Relative name on the Relative detail page not updating the name on the chromosome browser when the name only varies by capitalization. There is a database cleanup routine on the options page to do this for all records at once.

There has been some confusion about the 1-to-many Genesis templates in GMP. Both use the same GedMatch option to get data, the one listed under DNA Applications on GedMatch Genesis.

The difference is that if you are a Tier 1 subscriber, there is an extra check mark column in the table. Therefore, if you are a Tier 1 subscriber, pick the one in GMP that says Genesis Tier 1. Otherwise, pick the basic one. I know there are lots of other options available. For those you can create your own customized data import template.