• Becky Walker

GMP Release 2019.05

New in this release are a couple of analysis tools. To understand how they work, please watch the following video:

Release Notes:

  • Added standard surname function

  • Added option to automatically create group names on Ancestor page

  • Added group names to Ahnentafels & options to assign them

  • Added option to view Relatives sharing common Ahnentafel group names

  • Added better search by surname for Family Comparison on Relative page

  • Added forward/back function for Relative records on Relative Detail page

  • Replaced Ancestor list on Family Comparison on Relative Detail with table showing standard surname

  • Fixed issue where option to Skip Existing Relatives was causing a crash

  • Fixed issue where sources were not being populated when selecting new database

  • Fixed issue on loading ancestors sharing same parents

  • Fixed issue where 23andMe merge left out the comparison page. When merging two 23andMe relatives, put the desired data on the right side.

  • Eliminated the Anonymous error from Relative & DNA Segment imports

  • Names with " - " will no longer cause an import error

  • Upgraded XOJO to 2019r1

  • Fixed ahnentafel search issue on Relative page


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