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GDAT Release 2021r07

Release 07 Contents

  1. Support for new GEDMatch site and FTDNA data changes - All of the GEDMatch data import templates are now based on the new site - Tier 1 Segment Search and Triangulation are now imported from their .csv file

  2. Fixes for several minor bugs listed in the User group - See user group for details at https://www.facebook.com/groups/dnatool

*** Important FTDNA Changes***

Please read through this carefully to minimize data corruption and duplication

FTDNA changed from the B36 to the B37 format. If you would like to remove all of your DNA segments before importing the new segments, use the Relative List right click option. This removes just DNA segments, not ICWs. This is optional.

FTDNA changed their data downloads and GDAT will no longer provide data template support for direct FTDNA downloads BUT will provide support for files from the DNAGedcom client.

The unique key used by DNAGedcom has been replaced by a different unique key. To facilitate migration to the new unique key, a database routine has been added that will compare names from the database to names associated with FTDNA and add the new key if and only if there is only one matching name. The success rate on my database was 75% leaving the remaining 25% as either new matches or to be merged manually.

Also, make sure the source settings for FTDNA are set as indicated below.

BACKUP your database then run "Add New FTDNA Unique Keys" for ALL of your new family finder matches files BEFORE importing chromosome browser data. Verify new keys appear in Edit-Profiles.

Remove all old data imports for DNAGedcom and activate the new data import templates.

Load one set of the DNAGedcom FTDNA files then verify that data loaded correctly. You should backup between loads to avoid rework.

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