• Becky Walker

GDAT Release 2022r04

This release includes quite a few items that I think will be useful.

Manage Surnames - This page has been revamped so it should be easier to enter and delete names that xojo may not process correctly.

Relative Ahnentafel (F2) - This page will bold common profile surnames, regions and groups. There are two new right click functions. One to update location names to a standard location format, if possible and one to remove entries listed as Private but not connected to any ancestors. There is also a couple of new bolding functions.

Relative Family Comparison (F3) - This page will now display regions in common with the current profile. More about regions below.

Region Cluster View - Listed under MRCA menu. For some time I have wanted to do something with location data as it is often an important clue in identifying MRCAs. Terminology differs between countries so it was decided that a regions will be made up of 3 parts. In the US this would be county, state, country but can be any 3 divisions regardless of what they are called locally. Use the right click option on this view to setup Regions of Interest from the Profile's ahnentafel. This page will display all of the relatives having the selected region in their ahnentafel.

Cleanup Ahnentafel Location Names (F10) - This is a database routine to update all ahnentafel location names to a standard format, if possible. Under control settings set 'Reformat Location Names' to true. When set to True, GDAT will automatically reformat location values to the standard format, if possible. To test if this works for your locality, use the right click option on the F2 page to do just one as a test. Always Backup Up so you can restore your database if the results are not to your satisfaction.

Remove ICW's not Associated with a Segment (F10) - This is an optional database routine to remove any of a Relative's ICW data where the ICW is with a Relative that does not share the same segment with the Profile person. Confused? It is difficult to explain but let me try. On the DNA comparison page (F4) and in the right hand panel, you can select Show ICW Relatives on the Same Segment. Personally, these are the only ones I care to track as they are more indicative of a MRCA but if you select Show All ICW Relatives, the list can be quite long. I removed almost 2 million of these from my database to help improve performance. To keep the database clean, there is also a database option 'Load Only ICWs Shared with a Profile Segment'. Be aware that setting this to True will cause ICW imports to run longer but since I only import new data every 3-4 months, it is worth it. Again, backup your database if you decide to try this.

Bug Fixes - Truthfully, I do not track these but just fix them as they come up. If you reported one, you know to check to see if the issue has been resolved. Let me know if it needs further attention.

Happy Ancestor Hunting,


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