• Becky Walker

GDAT Release 2022r05

Database Routines

The focus of this release was to modify the database routines (F10) to display progress at the bottom of the page for most functions. Because these routines can run a very long time, the ability to abort by holding the ESC key down was also added. Two new routines were added:

  • Remove all ICW data

  • Delete Relatives without Chromosome data

Profile Page

There may be cases where segment and ICW information were not linked to a profile. This may be due to merges and I tweaked the merge process to hopefully correct. To see if any of your profiles are affected, go to the profile page (ctrl-p) and use the right click option 'Link Segments to Profile' for each profile.

Source Code

I have also posted the source code for this release. I am approaching 72 years in age and I have always intended to make this available to those interested.

This source code is being provided as is for those who wish to modify it for their personal use, not for profit or commercial use.

This version was developed on XOJO 2020r1.2. The only difference between this code and the Official 2022r05 GDAT code is that this code works on an unencrypted database. Users must first export an unencrypted database from the official version if they wish to use an existing GDAT database. The Official version of GDAT will not support unencrypted databases in order to ensure database integrity.

I will continue to provide support and enhancements to the Official version of GDAT and anyone may submit code changes to me to consider for inclusion in subsequent releases of the Official version.

Becky Mason Walker

14 May 2022

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