• Becky Walker

GDAT Release 2022r06


  • Use up/down arrows to move between pages

  • Use right/left arrows to move between relatives on relative pages

Chromosome Analysis

  • Sort is by Side, Start Point, Generation, End Point

  • Made the partition fields editable

  • Added right click option to high light in yellow segments that have been confirmed

DNA Comparison (F4)

  • Added side display options

Import Data Templates

  • Add option to not record import stats for profile (default is to record)


  • After merge, reverted back to selecting merged relative name


  • Added option on basic search to include only relatives with segment data

  • Made the option profile only and relatives with segment data persistent

Relative List (F8)

  • Changed Relative List drop down to say 'Select Segment Group'

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue of notes disappearing when automatically adding status change

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