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Genealogical DNA Analysis Tool

The Genealogical DNA Analysis Tool (GDAT 2021r01) is now available for download as is a conversion tool for migrating from the GMP database structure to the new GDAT format.

Over the last 6 years, GMP was patched to incorporate new features but to avoid user impact, both database and functional duplication occurred. To move forward, it was necessary to develop a more concise database design and remove obsolete functions. The Genealogical DNA Analysis Tool is the result of that redesign.

Conversion from GMP to GDAT

GDAT cannot read the GMP database so a conversion tool is provided on the GDAT download page.

Be aware that the conversion may take several hours to complete and while the goal is a 100% conversion, there may be some data lost due to flaws in the GMP database so it is recommended that GMP be retained for reference until the user is comfortable with the resulting data.

  1. Before starting the conversion, make sure GMP has one and only one Relative record associated with each profile person.

  2. In the lower right corner of the GMP Relative Detail page, make sure the primary keys are bolded using the right click option.

Links to GDAT Pages

Note: GMP will no longer be supported but a page on the website will provide access to the last GMP version, help pages and video tutorial.

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