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  • Becky Walker

GMP 2020r04

As many of you know, 2020 was the first time GMP was made available for the Mac Catalina. It was also new to the underlying XOJO development platform and while we beta tested for 3 months there were still some odd errors happening on the Mac that did not occur on Windows. I have addressed the reported issues by finding work arounds. If you encounter one and get a Mac report, please Facebook message me with the full report (very long) along with what you were doing at the time. It will help pinpoint the issues.

New to this release:

  • Ability to add Ancestors by using a Pedigree Thief Ahnentafel. This is a right click option from the Ancestor Tab.

  • An experimental Parental Confirmation window that will aid in compiling the data associated with confirming a MRCA. This is also a right click option from the Ancestor Tab.