• Becky Walker

GMP Release 2020r01

Release a new version of GMP today. There were a lot of internal changes in GMP 2020r01 in support of XOJO's new API 2.0 and SQLite database changes. See video at https://youtu.be/WRq_uy_yIyM for new GMP features. Also, will you read and sign, if you agree, a petition to get FTDNA to provide better download files? It's a short read. Click here.

What's New

Added the ability to setup Research Profiles for a particular branch of the family tree based on cousins who have the same MRCA. See video or User Guide for more information.

XOJO Platform

  • Upgraded to XOJO 2019r02 / 2019r3 / 2019r3.1 (Current Xojo release)

  • Converted to XOJO's API 2.0 to support Mac controls - this was an extensive change that affected many aspects of the App and will be hopefully transparent to the user.

  • Add 64 bit Mac compiles (Thanks go to Mac FundRazr supporters!)

User Requests

  • Added Toggle to DNA Comparison table to display MRCA Note

  • Added right click option to Chromosome page on Hide min cMs to reset minimums

  • Added the ability to have multiple trees and multiple profile links on Relative page

  • Changed default color for MyHeritage

  • Added option to change Ancestry domain on Options page

  • Added auto completion to group on DNA comparison page

  • Added option to have search results profile specific

  • Added option to have Relative List display by largest segment

  • Added drop down group list to the Manual Segment creation window

  • GMP will now start with the last page and relative from the previous session

  • Added File-Export Decrypted Database for experience SQL users. Its content or use will not be supported by the GMP admins nor by myself. It also cannot be modified or read by GMP. It is strictly a standalone copy of the user's data.

  • Setting the MRCA on the Relative page will now automatically set the group to the two last names if one is not selected.

  • Added Relative status codes of Reviewed and No Tree

  • Add MGP (maternal grand parents) & PGP (paternal grandparents) as side codes on the Relative List page. If one of the set side functions is run then these will be reset to M or P.

  • Added X List option to Relative Ahnentafel page

Performance Tuning

  • Changed the Relative list to display only relatives having a cMs greater than the minimum. New Options page setting.

  • Changed the DNA Comparison page to display only ICW relatives having a cMs greater than the minimum set on the Options page

  • Fine tuned the movement between pages to reduce page reloading

Data Import Templates

  • Use the MyHeritage data import templates for matches and DNA segments that are emailed to you for loading MyHeritage data. Since both DNAGedcom and Pedigree Thief have the facility to load these emailed files, their templates for that data have been removed to avoid confusion but their templates for ICW data remain.

  • Added 2 DNAGedcom templates for GedMatch

  • Added DNAGedcom template for MyHeritage triangulations

  • Tested supported templates


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