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  • Becky Walker

GMP Release 2020r02

Back up existing database then install. Be sure to remove data import templates and reactivate the ones you use to ensure you get the latest formats. Release includes:

  • Added family tree URL to the 23andMe Aggregate Import Template

  • Added a database routine to setup group names where the ahnentafel is unlocked. This can run a very long time and on ahnentafel import the user will be able to automatically run it after import or not. Ahnentafel group names not set up will automatically populate when navigating to the Relative.

  • Added import template for DNAGedcom Client's new FTDNA file

  • Added underline to Relative names that have an ahnentafel on both the Chromosome browser and Relative list pages

  • Changed the Triangulation Added to Triangulation/ICW added

  • Fixed issue where quotes in group name was causing a crash

  • Fixed issue where import file was causing the app to hang up or should I say run extremely slow due to memory constraints

  • Fixed issue with Pedigree Thief Ancestry imports being attached to the current profile incorrectly

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