• Becky Walker

GMP Release 2020r08

2020r08 has been posted to the download page of the website, https://www.getgmp.com/

Included in this Release:

  • Added new analysis function for Ancestry data (see below)

  • Updated right click menus to be easier to navigate

  • Added option to privatize with initials

  • Fix for Mac import of data import templates

  • Fix for Mac change color of segment in the segment map

  • Fix for Mac advanced group search from Relative List

  • Fix for duplicate group names including a table option to remove duplicates

  • Fix of Relative notes merge

  • Fix for saving 23andMe family tree

  • Code changes to bypass the xojo glitch

Mutually ICW Relatives

Added a new analysis function for Ancestry data to show mutually ICW relatives. That is, of the relatives selected, it will show the relatives that are mutually in common with all of the other selected relatives.

First show the Ancestry ICW relatives on either the Relative List on on the DNA Comparison page.

Next, right click on another relative and select the Mutually ICW option. This will show the relatives mutually ICW the two selected. The lavender color indicates the relatives selected.

Repeat with another relative to show relatives ICW those 3 and etc.


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