• Becky Walker

GMP Release 2020r10

Release 2020r10 posted to the website (https://www.getgmp.com/)

  • Updated Gedcom import logic to support 5.5.1 format

  • Parental Confirmation window: Added selection based on Family Group ICWs

  • Support for One2Tree Chrome extension (it allows for the import of FTDNA trees)

  • Relative Detail Page: Ability to add Relative and their ICWs, click on Add button

  • Pedigree Chart: Relative ahnentafel data can now be added or updated from here

  • Relative Detail Page: Add drop down selection for the family group

  • Relative Detail Page: Added Right click - Search for Name, Contact, Haplogroups, User defined field and Family Group

  • Changes to find side and generation values from profile's ancestor list when marking DNA segments

  • Added a maximize window option to Parental Confirmation window

  • Eliminated duplication of overlapping map segments

  • Fix to how Display All ICWs works

  • Fix to display Map Segments without MRCA status

  • Further right click menu refinements


Note that the import ahnentafel options are slightly different. If there is not an ahnentafel present, it assumes starting with sequence 1. Otherwise it starts with the sequence of the relative selected.


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