• Becky Walker

GMP Release 2020r12

Release 2020r12 has been published to the website. It addresses current user new feature requests (see Facebook thread), a few bug fixes and some additional analysis functions. No changes to data import templates.

For those Mac users having issues changing source color, that function has been moved to be displayed prominently on the Options page and works similar to changing a group color.

From the Chromosome, Relative List and DNA Comparison pages, there is a new right click function to "Display Profile Groups" that shows all of the ahnentafel groups found with Relatives that are the same as the Profile's ancestor's groups to aid in finding MRCAs.

From the Surname and Group Analysis pages, there is a new right click option to "Compare Group Relatives" that will show the Relatives line of descent from that group to make it easier to see how closely related the Relatives are that share that group and if they share the same segments.

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